Mystery Creek Ceramics

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Mystery Creek Ceramics

Colourful nerikomi Tableware

Alex Wilkinson is the maker behind Mystery Creek Ceramics.
Mystery Creek Ceramics has developed out of a love for nerikomi and functional beautiful tableware. There is simply nothing better for me than a beautiful object that I can use every day in the kitchen and through mystery creek I strive to create fun, colourful objects that are functional but also beautiful.
Nerikomi is an incredibly slow way of making ceramics one piece can take over a month to construct and then two weeks to fire but I absolutely love it. I love the randomness of the process. We can control the pattern to an extent but once the piece gets in the slab roller and in the kiln all kinds of weird and wonderful things can happen. I find that giving in to the serendipity of the process is incredibly cathartic.


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401, Grey Street, Hamilton East, Hamilton, Waikato, 3247, New Zealand
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